Sep 15, 2023

Analog Discovery 3

Digilent Analog Discovery 3 is a USB oscilloscope with a sample rate of up to 125 MS/s, that can also be used as a waveform generator, logic analyzer, and/or a variable power supply up to 5V.

Several other features are also enabled through its software and the USB-C oscilloscope can also act as a spectrum analyzer, a network analyzer, an impedance analyzer, a protocol analyzer, a data logger, a voltmeter, and supports in-app scripting.

Analog Discovery 3 features highlights:

The USB oscilloscope relies on WaveForms software for Windows, Linux, macOS, and some Arm devices such as the Raspberry Pi SBC. The program enables the use of the available analog and digital instruments and provides an SDK for hardware control in C, C++, Python, and other languages, as well as support for LabVIEW and MATLAB integration.

The Analog Discovery 3 ships with a plastic project box, a USB-C to USB-C programming cable, one 2×15 flywire signal cable assembly, a pack of five 6-pin male headers, and 30-pin flywire labels, and the company recommends 5V/2.5A or 5V/4A switching power supplies, the Audio Adapter+, a BNC Adapter along with the P2150 BNC Oscilloscope Probe, a Transistor Tester, an Impedance Analyzer, and a Breadboard Adapter to make full use of the kit.

Digilent will start selling the Analog Discovery 3 for $379 from June 14 onwards


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