May 23, 2023

BMW driver roasted for parking convertible on beach as it washes out with tide

The BMW M4 convertible was seen slowly drifting out to sea reclaimed by Mother Nature after being left on Trevaunance Beach in Cornwall, where it was rescued by local coastguard teams

A BMW driver who left their convertible on a beach was met with cries of 'you can't park there mate!' as the motor washed out to sea.

Video shows the vehicle as it was picked up by incoming waves and slowly began drifting out after being left on Trevaunance Beach at St Agnes, Cornwall, on Sunday.

Lifeguards cheekily quipped, 'you can't park there' as Mother Nature reclaimed the soft top.

Footage shows it taken out a considerable distance, likely rendering the £100,000 model undriveable once out of the water, with sea water trickling from around its exhaust pipe after it was eventually recovered.

Coastguards were then called out to inspect the BMW to check whether anybody was inside.

While it's unclear who the car belongs to or why it was left on the beach, St Agnes Coastguard Search & Rescue Team were eventually able to remove it from the sea at 10.19am - nearly two hours after they were called.

The search team wrote on its Facebook page: "Callout 16 Sunday 28th May 2023 0829hrs (514662)

"Trevaunance Beach - St Agnes. Team tasked to the Trevaunance Beach car wash to make sure all occupants were out of the vehicle and safe.

"We remained on scene whilst recovery efforts were made and the vehicle was finally removed. Team stood down and returned to station at 1019hrs."

It added: "You can't park there sir!"

The vehicle has since been recovered and towed.

While the post attracted unsympathetic comments as people remarked the driver "should be fined", others were also quick to see the funny side.

Alan and Jenny Parker wrote: "Did someone forget to tell the tide that BMWs can park anywhere they want?"

Andy Catrell added: "Well there is a hosepipe ban on."

Thomas Watkins, however, said the owner was lucky to have the motor rescued given the pressures on search and rescue teams.

"Hope they will be charged for the efforts and costs associated with this stupidity," they said.

"Keep your budget for when people actually need help."

It came as Britain's beaches were packed over the weekend amidst the Spring Bank Holiday spell of warm weather.

Thousands of Brits flocked to the coast to enjoy the sunshine, with temperatures surging as far as 24.4C.

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