Mar 12, 2023

Carlo Gavazzi Current, voltage and phase monitoring devices

By Lee Teschler | November 16, 2022

A new digital platform covers current, voltage and phase monitoring devices including a range of monitoring relays, earth leakage detectors and current transformers/transducers. These products are important components for monitoring incoming power and for protecting machinery such as motors, pumps and compressors. The Digital Platform on Current, Voltage and Phase Monitoring Devices is an information-laden single web page that provides rich digital content related to our monitoring relays, earth leakage detectors and current transformer/transducer portfolio, including:

Sections include:Why current, voltage and 3-phase mains/loads: A description of what specifically monitoring relays, earth leakage detectors and current transformers/transducers doProduct Selection Guides: Enter your application variables and you’ll not only be provided the required part number, but also the applicable accessories. You’ll also be provided with links to the part numbers required, as well as their data sheet and inventory levels of our distribution channel partnersTechnical Papers: There are two excellent resources: Tech Tips – Selecting Monitoring Relays to Protect Your Machinery and a White Paper – Critical Load MonitoringOnline Training Modules: A few several-minute narrated online training modules, complete with a quick quiz at the end of each to confirm your gained knowledge and retentionProduct Range: Including links from widely used product series to: Brochures, Videos, and Product Selection Guides for eachApplications: A brief description of various applications within key market segments, with links to our Market-specific or Solution-specific Brochures showcasing our full complement of Sensors, Controls and Switches solutionSide Assistance Links: There are two interactive chat tool links for questions, answers, and other support needs

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