Jun 14, 2023

When is it time to switch to a servo motor?

The unpredictable global economy has derailed formally reliable supply chains, causing extra stress on established products and systems currently in development. Previously, many engineers selected motors and motion control options based on what they used on the previous machine design. Today, engineers have the burden of factoring in product availability and price on top of system performance. This responsibility can be daunting. No matter if your biggest concern is system price, performance, or the details of integration, help is available.

Delta Line has first-hand experience garnered from its product portfolio, including the brushless slotted motor line that's been in applications for more than two decades.

A recent addition to the offerings is the servo motor family including low and medium voltage motors. While historically servo was associated with high-cost product options, Delta Line's servo motors, like their other motors, are a price-attractive option. Application engineers focus on performance per dollar to match customers with the ideal motion solution. Customers seek out assistance for new and existing applications where the availability or cost of current systems has become prohibitive.

It happens more times than anyone wants to admit – you simply need more performance out of one (or more) axis. Delta Line engineers often see stepper motors being pushed to where servo motors are now the better option. Managing the technology change from stepper to servo appears overwhelming, but the company's low-voltage optimized servo motor options can help manage the jump. The engineers can help customers select the right servo motor to replace a stepper motor. They also provide a wide range of servo controller options to complement Delta Line motors including DC, AC, programmable, multi-axis drives, and integrated motor controllers. Drives are also available with EtherCAT, Modbus, CANopen, and Profinet. Application engineers also assist with other important details including connectors, cables, feedback devices, and more. Whether you’re looking for a simple system to replace a stepper axis or are ready to take on a more advanced approach, motion and drive pairing options are available.

There are countless applications where an existing axis needs to make a change: from simple winding adjustments to new motor types to complete system redesigns. Instead of struggling through the change curve, let specialized application engineers assist as they have CAD drawings and other support documents available. Engage available technical support as needed – including firmware, software, and mechanical compatibility. Since Delta Line's portfolio of products is vast, support is available for a variety of different products to meet performance requirements.

Delta Line has been in the motion control industry for more than 40 years. Its mission is providing the industry's most agile, flexible, and personal service in motion systems. Supply chain challenges continue to put pressure on organizations and their engineering staff.

In the face of global economic shortfalls, Delta Line continues to grow their product portfolio to better support customers. The wide range of products in their catalog includes stepper motors, servo motors, BLDC motors, controllers, integrated motors, linear actuators, gearboxes, encoders, and more.

Whether looking for an exact fit for an existing application, a technology change, or developing a new ground-up design, the experts at Delta Line can support it all.

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