Jun 13, 2023

Accelus Robotics takes on Global Manufacturing Giants

Accelus Robotics specializes in the production of CNC controllers, motion controllers, robotic controllers, and various automation products. The company caters to a variety of machine manufacturing industries both domestically and internationally and takes pride in being "Made in India" as all of its products are manufactured within the country. Hitesh Prajapati, Managing Director at Accelus Robotics Pvt Ltd, recently had an exclusive interview with Machine Maker, where he provided an overview of the company's journey since its inception in 2018.

Speaking about the challenges facing the manufacturing industry, Hitesh Prajapati highlighted a change in mindset among clients as one of the major challenges. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, many industrialists imported components and machines from countries such as China, Germany, and the USA, with China being the largest exporter to India. However, according to him, the trend is shifting, and clients are now seeking local manufacturers for their machine needs instead of relying on imports.

Hitesh Prajapati expressed his pride in the fact that Accelus Robotics Pvt Ltd is part of the "Made in India" movement, with all its products being manufactured domestically. He spoke about the positive impact of the "Make in India" initiative on the company and the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector, stating, "It has been a major boost in promoting our products and supporting startups. Currently, Accelus Robotics provides its products to various machine manufacturing industries."

According to Hitesh Prajapati, Accelus Robotics Pvt Ltd is a front-runner in the manufacturing of CNC controllers in India. He emphasized the company's competitiveness against imported brands, saying, "We have been able to hold our own in terms of quality, technology, features, and price, making Accelus a top-notch manufacturer both domestically and internationally."

Accelus Robotics Pvt Ltd has recently entered the export market and has been sending its products to China. According to Hitesh Prajapati, the company is planning to expand its exports to countries in the Gulf and Africa. To raise brand awareness, the company has been promoting its products on platforms such as India Mart and Google ads. He also mentioned that many established players in the industry are opting for Accelus Robotics’ machines over those of foreign brands like Mitsubishi.

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Hitesh Prajapati