Nov 10, 2023

Create music with the Game Boy Advance through STEPPER

The Game Boy is nostalgic to many of us. Spending hours leveling up and proving you’re the best to all of your friends was a highlight of our childhoods. The lively soundtracks and action sounds added a new dimension to the experience of these games, and a new invention gives this all but forgotten game console an unlikely revival for today's audience. The STEPPER is a new addition to the original Game Boy Advance that gives you the ability to make music.

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The iconic sounds when dueling in Pokémon or reaching a higher level in Mario Bros kept stuck in our heads for days. Today's development will let you experience that for a second time. Bad Diode is a musician as well as a programmer in the field of programming languages and music tools. STEPPER is one of his projects. A 16-step sequencer ready to rock for the Game Boy Advance. The foundation of his invention relies on the circuitry of the well-known Elektron instruments. A total of 4 different sound channels will make sure you can stack different sounds on top of each other. Eight different patterns are included where you can copy/paste or edit the sounds. Choose between 2 square waveforms, 1 custom waveform, and 1 noise waveform in order to shape the sounds the way you want to. Feel free to jump between octaves, adjust the BPM by steps of 10, and save custom banks (up to a total of 4). Toggle between different patterns and have the ability to create a storyline. Change the envelope, time, and volume of the sounds and be ready to create a retro soundtrack. Currently, STEPPER isn't equipped with MIDI. If you would like it to interact with other instruments, you should time it together using a metronome for instance.

You can download this step sequencer for free by clicking here.

Have a look at the playthrough down below:

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Image Credits: Badd10de