Apr 20, 2023

Kyle Busch’s Latest Nemesis Slams Noah Gragson Unwarranted Move & Uses Denny Hamlin Fiasco to Defend “Habitual Line

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Denny Hamlin(L), Ross Chastain(M) & Noah Gragson(R) | Image Credits: Imago

NASCAR Cup Series came across yet another intense episode! Kansas Speedway witnessed an action-packed race with all the thrills and frills this time. Legacy Motor Club's Noah Gragson caught all the attention for the wrong reason as he ignited an intense brawl with Ross Chastain during the end of the race!

Reacting to the altercation, Spire Motorsports driver and Kyle Busch‘s latest rival, Corey Lajoie came out of the woodwork to reveal his thoughts on the heated exchange.

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FONTANA, CALIFORNIA – FEBRUARY 28: Corey LaJoie, driver of the #32 Pala Casino Ford, prepares for practice at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California. (Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images)

Lajoie reflected on the recent conflict as he mentioned the #1 driver's racing dynamics while he sent out a stern message to the younger driver, raising a significant question!


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Well, the recent fistfight really caught the community by surprise! While the rookie driver, Noah Gragson took matters into his own hands and decided to confront the Trackhouse Racing driver, it was Chastain that had the final laugh as the heated exchange of words quickly turned nasty as Chastain dropped a looping right hook on Gragson.

Reacting to the notorious incident on Sunday, 31-year-old Corey Lajoie revealed his thoughts as he joined NASCAR's very own radio channel, SiriusXM NASCAR. The short clip posted by SiriusXM has the driver speaking on both fronts. While he shares the tale from Chastain's point of view, Lajoie also opens up about the younger driver's frustration.

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"Getting down to the wire, Ross is trying to make some position, Noah is out there similar situation to Denny(Denny Hamlin) and the uh Denny and Ross last year but 11 was way tighter to the door than, drove him to the fence at Pocono then Ross was out there and Ross was kind of confused like, what are you talking about?" said Lajoie.

🥊 "I don't think what was on the race track warranted the hands."@CoreyLaJoie shared his take on the fight post @kansasspeedway ⬇️

🗣️ "Ross warned him. He said ‘stop, stop’ and he stopped him. He said it twice. How many times does a man gotta say it?"

— SiriusXM NASCAR Radio (Ch. 90) (@SiriusXMNASCAR) May 10, 2023

Corey Lajoie who has his run-in with the ‘bad boy’ earlier last month also does understand Gragson's mindset, as the Alva native has sort of developed a notorious reputation over the years for being aggressive. Lajoie said, "Yes, I can understand Noah's frustration and he thinks that he crowded him into the fence, now he's like okay, this is 2 out of the last 3 weeks, I’ve got to go say something to him, he's a habitual line-stepper as Dave Chappelle says so he wanted to go have some worlds with him."

"If He Has Pain in His D**k"- Corey LaJoie Fuels Latest NASCAR Rivalry bySavagely Responding to Condescending Kyle Busch's Controversial Comment

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As he shared his remarks about the altercation, Lajoie also takes time to shed light on Chastain's scenario moments before he landed the right.

With the incident taking rounds on the internet, it has become an internet sensation, lately more clips have surfaced that clearly show us the details of the incident. The latest clips clearly show the #1 driver backing up, as he urged the younger driver to stop.


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Lajoie also shared this aspect of the driver. He said, "Ross warned him, he said, stop, stop and he stopped, he said it twice, I mean how many times does a man have to say it, I dont know."

While many from the community have defended Chastain for standing up for himself, his aggressive racing style has also earned him quite the haters over the years.


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While Chastain drew the first blood, Gragson could not retaliate as pit officials quickly jumped in to separate the drivers. The notorious incident may have brought the attention of the community, but it also raises some significant questions. Is this the beginning of a new rivalry in NASCAR?


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WATCH THIS STORY: Frustrated Kyle Busch hits back at "a**hole" Ross Chastain's attempt to get the better of him