May 15, 2023

Make a statement with the best tech gifts for graduates from ASUS

Graduation marks a major achievement. It's an opportunity to recognize the work that the student in your life put in and to celebrate their accomplishments. But it's also an opportunity to look forward. Life after graduation might go in many different directions. Will they move on to the next level of school for a more advanced degree? Is it time to strike out as an entrepreneur? Will they start a career? Are there life experiences that they need to explore before settling down? The best tech gifts for graduates not only honor their work with a show of appreciation, but also set them up for success in their next endeavors. For this gift guide, we’ve curated a list of 10 presents from our wide-ranging product lines that do just that.

Many new graduates find that they need a wardrobe refresh as they make the transition from the classroom to the corporate office. The comfy casual clothes they wore as a student fit right in on their college or high school campus, but workplaces have very different expectations. The same is true for laptops. The graduate in your life may need a laptop that communicates sophistication and professionalism as they collaborate with coworkers and meet with clients.

Enter the ROG Zephyrus M16 gaming laptop. This versatile machine is ready for everything from pro-level content creation to competitive play, it's surprisingly portable, and it's dressed for success with an elegant design.

Peek under the hood, and you’ll find everything that your graduate needs for great gaming and content creation experiences: a powerful Intel Core i9-12900H CPU, an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Laptop GPU, 48GB of blazing-fast DDR5 RAM, and a spacious 2TB PCIe 4.0 SSD. The 16-inch ROG Nebula Display is ready for anything with its detailed QHD resolution and 16:10 aspect ratio, making it a great pick for anyone with many different hobbies and passions.

The ROG Zephyrus M16 also stands out from the crowd of gaming laptops for its sophisticated design. This light and slim machine easily fits into a satchel or backpack. The elegant Off Black finish fits any context, but the laptop offers the right touch of personality, too with CNC-milled perforations across the laptop lid offer glimpses of the shimmering Prismatic Film beneath.

High school graduates moving on to college often have to tackle a very specific problem: how to get a complete PC setup inside a relatively small dorm room or apartment. When space is at a premium, nothing matters more than compact tech that reduces clutter without compromising on features.

The ROG Strix Scope RX TKL Wireless Deluxe answers the call with a space-saving design that delivers all the essentials. As tenkeyless keyboard, it's perfect for anyone who doesn't make regular use of the number-crunching prowess of the numpad, as it leaves open more desk space for mousing, a desktop PC — or an extra-large cup of coffee. With connectivity options including Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz RF wireless, it won't even clutter up your student's desk with unwanted cables.

In this compact layout, the ROG Strix Scope RX TKL Wireless Deluxe delivers the typing experience that students need to accurately crank out college essays. ROG RX optical-mechanical switches provide consistent, wobble-free keystrokes, and ROG PBT doubleshot keycaps offer a solid, grippy typing feel.

Perhaps you’re shopping for a high school graduate heading out to college or the workforce, and they’re in need of a new everyday laptop. Here's an affordable, effective option: the Vivobook 16X laptop. For a budget-friendly $699.99 USD, it provides all the essentials in a stylish, thin-and-light design.

At only 4.14 pounds and 0.78 inches thick, the Vivobook 16X travels light. Yet this machine packs a spacious 16-inch display with an extra-tall 16:10 aspect ratio that will let your student see more at a glance without scrolling. This particular model harnesses an Intel Core i5-13500H CPU and 16GB of speedy RAM for snappy performance and quick loading times. The laptop of an on-the-go student often encounters daily wear-and-tear, so we designed this model to meet MIL-STD-810H durability standards so that you can trust it to go the distance.

The best tech gifts for graduates are often practical, but there's no reason why they can't be fun, too. Your student needs a headset for watching class videos, listening to music, or relaxing in the evening without disturbing family or roommates. Don't settle for a disappointing barebones model. The ROG Delta S Animate will actually feel like a gift worthy of the occasion.

This lightweight gaming headset delivers immersive sound with its industry-leading hi-fi ESS 9281 Quad DAC, plus MQA support for impeccably detailed audio. For unmatched personalization options, it also offers customizable AniMe Matrix displays built into both ear cups. These arrays of mini-LEDs can be programmed to show off custom lighting designs, unique animations, and live audio visualizations. For a student with an outspoken sense of style, there's no better choice.

If it seems like everyone's a gamer these days, that's because it's true: over 80% of internet users worldwide play games on one device or another. As your graduate moves on to a new chapter of their life, they very well could be looking to join their friends in the always-changing world of PC gaming. The TUF Gaming A17 laptop will get them started for a great price.

Gamers require more performance from their PCs than they can get from standard everyday laptops, and this model of TUF Gaming A17 delivers what they need with an AMD Ryzen 7 6800H CPU and a GeForce RTX 3060 GPU. Comprehensive cooling keeps these chips performing optimally even during long gaming sessions, all without making undue fan noise or allowing the laptop skin to get uncomfortably hot. The display will keep your student one step ahead of the action, too. This immersive 17.3-inch screen offers a fluid 144Hz refresh rate that's ready to keep up with the fast-paced action of today's popular esports titles.

For some folks, the display built into their laptop is all the display that they need. But the rest of us need more: more screen space, more multitasking power, more versatility. A gaming monitor might be the best tech gift for graduates in 2023, as it’ll not only boost their productivity, but upgrade their gaming experiences, as well.

Here's an option that's easy to recommend: the ROG Strix XG249CM gaming monitor. This display offers the perfect balance of features with its space-saving 24-inch Full HD screen, wide connectivity options, and premium gaming tech. The built-in USB Type-C hub can accept a DisplayPort signal, connect peripherals like a mouse and keyboard, and recharge a laptop, all through one cable, making it perfect for anyone who needs a clutter-free setup that connects in seconds.

When it's time to game, the ROG Strix XG249CM shows its worth with a refresh rate that overclocks all the way up to a sizzling 270Hz. A low 1ms GTG response time ensures clear images even when the action gets hot, and gamers can boost clarity even further with Extreme Low Motion Blur Sync (ELMB SYNC) tech. This G-SYNC Compatible display eliminates screen tearing, too, all while keeping latency low.

Many of today's graduates are moving on to exciting careers in content creation. These architects, game designers, videographers, engineers and more rely on professional-quality monitors to help them create with confidence. If your graduate is moving on to a career in this field, either striking out as an entrepreneur or joining an established business, the ProArt Display PA348CGV will be the perfect partner for their endeavors.

All ProArt Displays are built on the foundation of accurate colors. The PA348CGV is factory calibrated and Calman Verified to guarantee an average ∆E value of less than two for professional-grade color accuracy right out of the box. But that's just the start of what this display offers. As an ultra-wide display with a 3440×1440 resolution, it's perfect for creators who need to see more of their projects without scrolling — or who habitually keep two apps visible on the screen.

For game developers, or anyone who works with moving media, the display's 120Hz refresh rate with FreeSync Premium Pro provides a smooth, fast-rendering, and comfortable viewing experience. To top it all off, the PA348CGV is also a great choice for any graduate who desires a convenient single-cable setup. The full-function USB Type-C port can charge a laptop, accept a display signal, and connect peripherals, all through one cable.

For students, graduates, entrepreneurs, and hybrid workers, great internet is essential. Yet in today's connected world full of internet-hungry devices, interference can be a real problem, especially for people living in apartments, dorms, or condos. Thankfully, there's an answer to the unreliable internet connections that can happen in areas with many competing WiFi networks. It's called WiFi 6E, and the ROG Rapture GT-AXE16000 is your premium choice for giving it to the recent graduate in your life.

As the world's first quad-band WiFi 6E gaming router, it boasts a full arsenal of tools to elevate your gaming experience. Its 6GHz band offers data rates as high as 4,804 Mbps to compatible WiFi 6E devices, and it has two 5GHz bands with the same bandwidth on top. Together with the 2.4GHz band's 1,148 Mbps, that's 16,000 Mbps of aggregate throughput waiting at your beck and call.

The GT-AXE16000's wired connections wield hard-hitting data rates, too. It boasts a pair of 10 Gbps ports, four 1 Gbps LAN ports, and a 2.5 Gbps WAN port for flexible connectivity. A variety of configuration options empower you to get maximum bandwidth exactly where you need it. Information is shuttled through the router using a new quad-core 64-bit CPU operating at 2GHz. This same platform also accelerates applications running on the GT-AXE16000, like AiProtection Pro and Instant Guard. Game Boost adaptive quality-of-service makes it easy to prioritize gaming traffic with the click of a toggle. And integrated gamer VPN tech connects the GT-AXE16000 to gaming servers over optimized routes for less lag.

The PC community has always had a rich DIY tradition, and for good reason. There's no better way to get the exact PC experience you’re looking for at a great price than to assemble it yourself. We support the PC DIY community with just about every component they need to build a new machine: motherboards, graphics cards, power supplies, cases, and more.

PC builders around the world are almost certainly tempted by the performance offered by the latest-gen Intel Core processors, so a Z790 motherboard might be the perfect gift for your recent graduate. We offer a wide range of options, but we’ll highlight one of our favorites: the TUF Gaming Z790-Plus WiFi motherboard.

This board is ready for action with the latest 13th Gen Intel Core CPUs with an upgraded power solution that's ready for overclocking. We’re also taking steps to streamline the building and upgrading experience with this motherboard. The TUF Gaming Z790-Plus WiFi features our PCIe Slot Q-Release button, which makes it easy to remove the graphics card. AEMP II makes it easy to optimize your DDR5 RAM for exceptional performance.

A PCIe 5.0 x16 slot lets you access the fastest graphics cards of today and tomorrow. Four onboard PCIe 4.0 M.2 slots make it easy to set up a large and speedy gaming library. Networking comes courtesy of an Intel 2.5Gb Ethernet controller, and an Intel WiFi 6E radio lets you connect to a compatible router over the wide-open 6GHz band in select regions. A suite of USB ports, including a speedy USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 Type-C port on the rear I/O panel, lets you connect all your favorite gaming peripherals.

For a PC builder who loves to game, a graphics card makes a great graduation gift. The recently launched TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 4070 will make for Christmas in July for many recent grads. With NVIDIA's latest architecture and next-gen features like DLSS 3 frame generation, this card is ready for action in any game on the market.

TUF Gaming graphics cards go above and beyond to provide reliable, long-term performance. A wide vent on the high-strength aluminum backplate improves airflow compared to previous generation models. At 3.15 slots with our new 11-blade Axial-Tech fans, your gift recipient won't be left wanting for cooling potential, while the short 301mm length offers wide case compatibility. The TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 4070 also offers the same Dual BIOS switch and a redesigned ARGB TUF logo along the shroud for a touch of flair, alongside the military-grade capacitors and Auto-Extreme manufacturing quality all TUF cards are known for.