Dec 27, 2023

NEMA 6 linear actuator is only 14mm across

Nanotec has introduced its first linear actuator with a NEMA 6 stepper motor – the flange is only 14mm across.

"This compact unit is ideal for applications with space restrictions, such as medical or analytical instruments, or lab automation and optical applications," according to the company.

Called LSA14, there are two versions; Acme and trapezoidal (see table below), with the trapezoidal version offering 5µm/step resolution and 15N force. Maximum axial play is ±50μm, or ±70μm for the Acme version.

In each case, the motor is 30mm long up to the face of the flange – so not including the 1.5mm tall (11.0mm diameter) register collar. From the flange to the tip of the 3.5mm diameter screws is 102mm.

Force figures in the table are when operated at 24V at a duty cycle of ~10 to 20%. Input power must be reduced for longer duty cycles and "moving against fixed limit stops should be avoided", according to the company.

The motors are two-phase with 21Ω 3.8mH bipolar windings, and operation is over -20 to +50°C ambient.

Nanotec offers custom options including coated screws, as well as suitable motor controllers.

The company was founded in 1991 and been based in Feldkirchen near Munich since 2011. It has 270 employees in Germany, Bulgaria, USA and China.

The LSA14 product page can be found here

Steve Bush