Jun 01, 2023

Man outs wife for 'vile' nose

A man was left horrified when he noticed something unusual about his girlfriend's steering wheel, and on closer inspection, realised it was snot that she'd wiped on it

There's no denying that nose-picking is a relatively gross habit, and if you're going to indulge in it, you'll likely do it in private, ensuring there's a tissue nearby so it's not utterly disgusting.

But when one man realised the site of his wife's nose-picking wipings, he was horrified and felt like he had no choice but to out her on social media.

He said that he'd noticed her picking her nose whilst she was driving in their car and he was a passenger, but he'd never seen her dispose of her bogies.

So when he took a closer look at the steering wheel, he was mortified.

He captioned the picture, which showed snot all over the wheel: "I've watched my partner pick her nose while she drives but never made the connection of where she wipes her snot until I drove her car..."

The picture, which was posted on Reddit's 'Mildly Infuriating' forum, showed a steering wheel covered in crusted snot, and people were left feeling a little queasy in the comments.

One fumed: "That's not mildly infuriating, that's f*****g nasty."

"That snot funny", a Redditor joked, whilst another hilariously wrote: "Snot wheels", in reference to 'Hot Wheels' the car toys for children.

"I can only imagine how her place of residence looks, good lord", a grossed-out commenter typed, whilst another seethed: "Holy s*** that's vile. Like there's a window and an outside right next to you, use it? Or f*** the floor even but the steering wheel is like next-level unhinged behavior."

Some people defended the woman, however, suggesting that other Redditors should cut her some slack.

Someone said: "As someone that has dated a lot in my life. If the worst thing she does is snot on a steering wheel that you hardly have to use, she's a keeper."

Would snot on your partner's steering wheel put you off them? Let us know in the comments.

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