3000rpm 1500W AC Servo Motor and Servo Driver Servo Driver Zuba

3000rpm 1500W AC Servo Motor and Servo Driver Servo Driver Zuba

3000RPM 1500W AC servo motor and servo driver servo driver zuba 1. we use carton box to make package.2.Also, we support


Basic Info
Model NO. MZ630P
Customized According to Quantity
Material Aluminum Alloy
Transport Package Carton Box
Origin China
HS Code 8401
Production Capacity 50000
Product Description
3000RPM 1500W AC servo motor and servo driver servo driver zuba
Model Type MZ630PSI1R62R85R57R6012018
OutlookApplicable motor200W400W750W0.8-1kW 1.5kw 2-3kW
Input PowerSingle phase AC200V-240V,-15%~10%,50/60Hz or three phase AC200V-240V,-15%~10%,50/60Hzthree phase AC200V-240V,-15%~10%,50/60Hz
Model Type MZ630PTI8R4012017021026
outlookApplicable motor2kW3kW4.5kW5.5kW7.5kW
Input Powerthree phase AC380V-440V,-15%~10%,50/60Hz
SpecificationEnvironmentºCUse environment humidity0~55ºC
Storage environment humidity-20~65ºC
HumidityUse environment humidity20~85% RH below(No condensation)
Storage environment humidity20~85% RH below(No condensation)
Use to preserve ambient airindoor(no sunshine),No corrosive gas, flammable gas, oil mist, dust
altitudeBelow 1000m
vibration5.8m/s2(0.6G)below 10~60Hz(Can not be used continuously at resonance frequency)
Insulation withstand voltageBasic-FG between AC1500V 1min
Control wayThree-phase PWM converter sine wave drive
Encoder feedback1: Provincial line 2500 line2: 17bit (after adding a battery, it can be used as a multi-turn absolute encoder)
Control signal Input 9 inputs (DC24V optocoupler isolation) switch according to the control mode function
Output 5 output (DC24V optocoupler isolation, open collector output) switch according to the control mode function
Pulse signalInput 2 inputs (optocoupler isolation, RS-422 differential, open collector output)
Output 4 outputs (A/B/Z phase RS-422 differential; Z phase open collector output)

Communication function
RS232For PC communication (for "Servostudio" connection)
RS-485For upper remote control communication (1:n)
CANCANOPEN bus communication
Regeneration functionOptional regenerative resistor, external regenerative resistor. Pay attention to modify internal parameters
Dynamic brakeYES
Control model6 control modes: speed control, position control, torque control, torque/speed control, speed/position control, torque/position, torque/speed/position hybrid control
FunctionControl input Alarm reset, proportional action switching, zero fixed function enable, forward drive prohibited, reverse drive prohibited, external torque limit for forward rotation, external torque limit for reverse rotation, forward jog, reverse jog, forward Reset switch, reverse reset switch, origin switch, emergency stop, servo enable, gain switch
Control outputServo ready, motor rotating, zero speed signal, speed reached, position reached, positioning approach signal, torque limit, speed limit, brake output, warning, servo failure, alarm code (3-digit output)
Position control
Pulse inputMaximum command pulse frequencyDifferential input: high-speed maximum 4Mpps, pulse width cannot be less than 0.125μsThe maximum low speed is 500Kpps, and the pulse width cannot be less than 1μsOpen collector: maximum 200Kpps, pulse width cannot be less than 2.5μs
Input pulse signal formDifferential input; open collector
Input pulse signal methodPulse + direction, right angle phase difference (A phase + B phase), CW + CCW pulse
Command pulse division/multiplication(Electronic gear ratio setting)0.1048576 < B/A <419430.4
Command filterSmoothing filter, FIR filter
Pulse outputOutput pulse formPhase A, Phase B: Differential outputZ phase: differential output or open collector output
Frequency division ratioArbitrary frequency division
Output pulse functionEncoder position pulse and position pulse command (can be set)
Speed controlControl inputServo ON, alarm reset, speed command reverse, zero speed clamp, internal command selection input 1, internal command selection input 2, internal command selection input 3, internal command selection input 4, forward rotation external torque limit input, reverse rotation External torque limit input, emergency stop
Control outputAlarm status, servo preparation, brake release, torque limit output, speed limit output speed reached, speed consistent, motor rotation output, zero-speed signal output
Torque ControlControl input Servo ON, alarm reset, torque command reverse, zero speed clamp
Control outputAlarm status, servo preparation, brake release, torque limit, speed limit output, emergency stop
Torque command input(Factory default setting, the range can be set by function code)
Speed limit functionPositive and negative internal speed limit P03.27, P03.28
Common Speed observer functionYES
Damping control functionYES
Adaptive notch filterYES
Automatic adjustment functionYES
Encoder output frequency divisionYES
Internal location planning functionYES
Adjustment/function settingUse the host computer setting software "Servostudio" to adjust
ProtectionOver voltage, abnormal power supply, overcurrent, overload, abnormal encoder, overspeed, excessive position deviation, abnormal parameters, etc.

1. we use carton box to make package.2.Also, we support custom made according to customer's needs.

1. Are you factory?Yes, we are facotry, and we produce AC motor/driver, Servo motor/driver and planetary reducer for more then 13 years in China.2. How to select models?Before purchasing, please contact us to confirm model No. and specifications to avoid any misunderstanding.3. How do you ship the goods?We normally ship goods by sea ,by express(DHL/UPS/FEDEX/EMS), and by air, also accept customer appointed.4. Can I test sample?Yes, sample charged can be offered for testing. 5. Can we be agent or distributor?Yes, welcome and we will support you.6. Can you do OEM or ODM service?Yes, we have R&D department and accept OEM and ODM service.7. How about warranty?18 MONTH warranty, technical support available, we always try our best to help customers to solve problems

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